Freedom Designs Discontinued Upholstery

    Bright Yellow Cordura

    Dark Yellow Cordura

    White Cordura

    Pink Cordura

    Gray Cordura

    Mocha Cordura

    Royal Blue Cordura

    Forrest Green Cordura

    Orange Cordura

    Bright Red Cordura

    Teal Cordura

    Purple Cordura

    Dark Blue Cordura

    Dark Brown Cordura

    Burgundy Cordura

    Black Darflex

    Black Dartex

    Black Dartex Reversed

    Kiddie Balloons Darflex

    Acorn Vinyl

    Elk Blue Vinyl

    Dark Red Vinyl

    Off White Vinyl

    Buckskin Vinyl

    Sky Blue Vinyl

    Light Blue Shelterlite

    Mocha Vinyl

    Nutmeg Vinyl

    Catalina Blue Vinyl

    Earthstone Vinyl

    Burgundy Vinyl

    Dusty Rose Vinyl

    Platinum Vinyl

    Peach Vinyl

    Light Green Vinyl

    Lavender Vinyl

    Ice Pink Pearl

    Turquoise Vinyl

    Seafoam Splash Vinyl

    Lime Green Vinyl

    Signal Green Vinyl

    Hot Pink Pearl

    Jazzy Pink Vinyl

    Purple Glo Vinyl

    Aqua Flash Vinyl

    Dark Blue Shelterlite

    Grape Pebble Vinyl

    Midnight Blue Pebble

    Cameo Vinyl

    Tyrian Plum Vinyl

    Agate Vinyl

    Jadestone Vinyl

    Purple Iris Vinyl

    Space Blue Vinyl

    Gray Mist Vinyl

    Graystone Vinyl

    Wine Vinyl

    Tan Vinyl

    Marine Vinyl

    Orchid Vinyl

    Charcoal Pebble Vinyl

    Haze Vinyl

    Cranberry Vinyl

    Macaw Vinyl


    Crystal Vinyl

    Slate Gray Vinyl

    Navy Vinyl

    Dark Ruby Vinyl

    Claret Vinyl

    Festival Vinyl

    Sand Grape Vinyl

    Laurel Green Vinyl

    Red Ruby Vinyl

    Luxor Blue Vinyl

    Bluegrass Naugahyde

    Purple Navy Vinyl

    Cascade Zodiac

    Silver Scale Vinyl

    Gold Scale Vinyl

    Copper Scale Vinyl

    Chameleon Scale Vinyl

    Cinnamon Vinyl

    Freesia Vinyl

    Lava Vinyl

    Midnight Vinyl

    Aloe Vinyl

    Spruce Vinyl

    Reflection Blue Vinyl

    Teal Wave Vinyl

    Basin Blue Vinyl

    Persimmon Vinyl

    Spearmint Vinyl

    Hibiscus Vinyl

    Pimento Vinyl

    Sparkle Blue Naugahyde

    Sparkle Black Naugahyde

    Sparkle Red Naugahyde

    Sparkle Purple Naugahyde

    Purple Lycra

    Gray Lycra

    White Nylon

    Off White Nylon

    Neon Green Nylon

    Gray Nylon

    Royal Blue Nylon

    Red Nylon

    Hot Pink Nylon

    Turquoise Nylon

    Dark Burgundy Nylon

    Navy Blue Nylon

    Green Nylon

    Orange Nylon

    Yellow Neon Nylon

    Fuschia Nylon

    Royal Purple Nylon

    Light Pink Nylon

    F-159 Brighstar Gold Zodiac

    Disclaimer: Actual powder coating colors may vary slightly from finished product due to light and computer monitor settings. The effects of heat, light and application process may cause slight color variations on certain finishes. Specifications and color selection availability are subject to change without notice.