Seating and Positioning

    Rock and Roll Headrest

    The Rock & Roll Headrest Hardware has been enhanced! The crescent-shaped piece is now longer, allowing for greater anterior positioning. Both the removable & the flip-down models are reinforced with two bolts at each knuckle joint. Many of the low profile headrests in the industry today have a tendency to slip over time. With this “double bolt” protection, Freedom Designs guarantees against any slippage.

    Both headrests are attached with tracks that do not require t-nuts. This, inturn, allows for an infinite initial set. The removable non-flip down has a new quick release mechanism that is designed to prevent rotation as well as making it easier to remove & re-engage.

    Rock and Roll Hardware can be paired with any headrest pad. Please scroll down to veiw more headrest pad and hardware options. All headrest pads and hardware are can be paired to fit your needs.

    7708 hardware show with EE7T pad
    7708 hardware show with EE7T pad
    Rock & Roll Hardware 7708
    Rock & Roll Flip Back Hardware 7709

    Headrest Pads

    Slight Curve Pad 7750
    Slight Curve Bell 7750-Bell
    3 Piece Pad Fixed
    3 Piece Pad Hinged 7753
    Chubbie Pad
    Chubbie Bell
    Low Profile Head/Neck Pad 7757
    Skinny Pad

    Headrest Hardware

    Vertical & Depth
    Adjustable 7700
    Removable 7701
    Flip Back
    Long Post Multi
    Axial Mount 7703
    7732 Side