NEW from Freedom Designs - Updated upholstery selections!

    Introducing: Glide Skin!

    Available in Black only, Glide Skin is a slippery-smooth neoprene contact fabric excellent for transfers with low heat conduction, keeping the seating surface cooler.

    F-173 Glide Skin

    Bravo Anti-Microbial color selections:

    We've added six colors custom designed to compliment Freedom's wheelchair frame colors. Available as a 'Reverse' fabric only, with the smooth surface as the contact surface, this material continues to offer the same antibacterial properties to prevent microbial infection as our original Bravo Black and Bravo Black Reverse.

    BA-04 Electric Blue Bravo

    BA-05 Neon Yellow Bravo

    BA-06 Bright Pink Bravo

    BA-07 Sugar Plum Bravo

    BA-08 Red Sunset Bravo

    BA-09 Extreme Green Bravo

    NEW and Improved Zodiac color selections:

    We've added to our choices and changed to a much more vibrant family of colors with a softer feel. Intended for non-contact surfaces these colors compliment our frames and give you more ways to personalize your seating & positioning components.

    F-145 Orion Silver

    F-146 Deep Space Blue

    F-147 Red Planet

    F-148 Firestar Burbundy

    F-149 Impact Orchid

    F-150 Cosmic Purple

    F-151 Pulsar Violet

    F-152 Ion Mercury

    F-153 Northern Lights

    F-154 Blue Moon

    F-155 Vortex Green

    F-156 Airglow Turquoise

    F-157 Zenith Green

    F-158 Golden Galaxy

    F-159 Brightstar Gold

    F-160 Orange Solar Storm

    F-161 Warp Speed White

    F-162 Infinity Black