Auxiliary Device Holders


11-1000 Vent Tray

Constructed of a phenolic base and aluminum frame.

A solid cover is secured to the phenolic surface for added equipment safety

Tray is T-nutted to allow for adjustment

Tray width is based on chair width. Trays are cut to fit between the rails

Depth of the tray is proportional to chair depth

Custom sizes available

Mounts to the lower frame rails with 1” drop hooks and 30° clamps

If batteries do not fit on the vent tray, a 2nd battery tray should be ordered. Please specify the size.

11-1000C Vent Tray w/Hinged Quick Release

Mounts with J-hook hinged L-bracket, and quick-release frame clamps.


11-3000A O2 Tank Holder, Aluminum - No Hardware

11-3000 O2 Tank Holder - Aluminum

Designed to fit most standard round O2 tanks. (Not useable on liquid O2 tanks)

Made of one piece construction and mounts to a solid back

Star knobs tighten down to hold the tank securely in place.

Available in one size only

Mod-11A O2 Tank Holder Strap

(Only available for 11-3000 & 11 3000A)

Features an oval ring with webbing flanges and fastex buckles

The oval ring goes over the vertical post of an O2 tank and the webbing ends with a male fastex buckle

Features a female side of the buckle and webbing which attaches to the tank holder

Upon connecting the fastex buckles and pulling the webbing tight, the O2 tank is secure from vertical movement during transport.

11-4000 I.V. Pole - Quick Release

Designed to clamp to a 1”, 7/8”, or 3/4” round back post.

Large star knob allows for quick vertical adjustment as well as easy quick release.


11-5000 Battery Tray

Aluminum with nonremovable attachment hardware.

11-6000 Battery Tray w/Quick Release

Aluminum with removable attachment hardware. (not shown)

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