Extremity Supports

Upper Extremity Supports


09-4000 Arm Trough w/ T-Nuts (Each)

Constructed of ¼” Kydex - strong yet lightweight

T-nuts are 1” increments

Can be custom molded using a hot air dryer

Curved to protect and keep the forearm in place

Elbow stop keeps the arm stationary while tilted or reclined.

Padded wrist strap with hook and loop available

Features a soft, durable Lycra covered neoprene liner which reduces shearing and draws away moisture for increased skin integrity management.


09-2000 Arm Trough w/ T-Nuts (Each)

Constructed of ¼” Kydex - strong yet lightweight

T-nuts are 1” increments

Nylon and cordura fabrics cannot be used

Please specify size when ordering

Custom arm troughs can be made to fit exact client size when dimension of forearm, palm length, and finger length are provided

Features 1” nylon webbing straps with faux sheepskin covers

Hook and loop straps or buckle closure are standard

Total Length: 12"
Total Width: 4.5"
Elbow Stop Height: 3"
Wrist Rise: 2"
Total Length: 17"
Total Width: 5"
Elbow Stop Height: 3.25"
Wrist Rise: 2"
Total Length: 19"
Total Width: 5"
Elbow Stop Height: 3.25"
Wrist Rise: 2"

Available lengths:
10”, 12”, 14”, 16”, 18”

Lower Extremity Supports


EE8 Solid Calf Panel (Each)

Hardware: 405A, 436

Features a solid base of 1/2” marine grade plywood
with 1” of 4# foam

Your choice of fabric and color (excluding nylon and cordura) on the calf panel

Width is based on width of the chair

All calf panels are cut to fit between the hangers unless otherwise specified

Includes 4 each 1” drop hooks and 30° clamps

Quick release hardware is available at a minimal up charge

Please specify height of calf panel


EE8A Fabric Calf Panel (Each)

Available in two styles:

1. Built with a center pad of 1” 4# foam with webbing and hook and loop mounting that wraps around the hangers. Choice of fabric and color

Pad size based on chair width

Please specify chair width and provide sling height when ordering

2. Constructed entirely of fabric with hook and loop closure that wraps around the hangers.


EE9 Shoe Holder with Hook and Loop Closure (Pair)

Available in six sizes (Custom sizes not available)

Single D-ring closure with hook and loop allows for added adjustability

Ankle strap has a removable pad in your choice of fabric and color
(F-03 will be supplied if no preference is stated)

Standard toe strap is unpadded. Padding is available upon request at no additional cost


EE8B Calf Strap (Each)

Strap is made entirely of 2" webbing

Strap attaches with hook & loop closure that wraps around the hangers

Please specify the width

EE9C Shoe Holder with Buckles (Pair)

Shoe Holder Foot Size Chart
Outside Length: Outside Width: Inside Width:
Small: 5" 2-3/4" 3-1/2"
Small/Med: 5-3/4" 3" 3-3/4"
Medium: 6-1/2" 3-1/4" 4"
Med/Lrg: 7-1/4" 3-1/2" 4-1/4"
Large: 8" 4-5/16" 5"
X Lrg: 10" 5-1/4" 4-1/2"

Lower Extremity Supports - Con't


EE9B Hi-Tops - Static (Pair)

Provides ankle support as well as foot positioning

The sturdy padded soft supports are constructed of Cordura and 1” nylon webbing with leather reinforcement

Standard hi-tops have hook and loop with a single D-ring closure

Cam or squeeze release buckle closures available at no extra charge

EE9B-D - Hi-Tops - Dynamic (Pair)

Same as EE9B however constructed of neoprene stretch material

Standard Sizing:
Webbing: Ankle Circumference:
X-Small: 1" 5-1/2" - 8-1/2"
Small: 1" 7-1/2" - 10-1/2"
Medium: 2" 9-1/2" - 12-1/2"
Large: 2" 11-1/2" - 14-1/2"

EE9H Foot & Ankle Positioner (Pair)

Can be mounted directly to the footplate

Straps provide a range of adjustability

Slots for straps allow for accomodating various lower extremity deformities

Label: Size:
Small: 4-1/2" x 7-1/2"
Medium: 5" x 9"
Large: 5-1/2" x 10"

08-1000 Individual Leg Cradle (Each)

Hardware 521

A layer of 1/2” 4# foam is secured to the inside panels

Choice of color and fabric (excluding cordura and nylon)

No standard sizes - width is based on chair width

Cut to fit between the hangers

Please specify the height and depth of cradles or box

Please indicate hanger mount, foot plate mount, or mounting under solid seat with L-brackets


08-11000 One Piece Double Leg Foot Box (Each)

Hardware: 415A, 403, 450A

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