Freedom NXT ™ Generation Mini Tilt-in Space Mobility Wheelchair

Freedom: for the littlest Kids (and their best friends too)

The Freedom NXT ™ Mini lightweight design is:

Super strong & dependable

Available in rigid & folding models

Easy to adjust for growing kids

Easy to use

  • freedom designs nxt mini tilt in space
  • freedom designs nxt mini tilt in space
  • Freedom designs nxt mini tilt in space

Good things do come in small packages!

Because of the overwhelming popularity of the NXT and our commitment to keep providing the lightest, strongest most reliable tilt-in-space wheelchair on the market, we are pleased to announce the introduction of the next new NXT Family member, the Mini. 

The Mini grows in width and grows in depth with many of the adjustments in 1/2” increments. And speaking of growth, the abduction frame, and Freedom customized seating, can help position little kids appropriately as their lower extremities develop and grow.

Freedom designs nxt mini tilt in space

What Makes the Mini So Mighty?

For Little Kids

freedom designs nxt mini tilt in space

The NXT Mini is designed to fit the “little” kids more precisely. 

The Mini frame is only 21” long and only 11” high. This is the smallest tilt-in-space frame ever. Footrest hangers are inserted into the front of the seat frame to help minimize the overall size and reduce the weight. With smaller armrests, footrests, and footrest hangers the Mini is a mighty small package.

The seat depth adjusts 4" in ½" increments from only 8" to 12." With Freedom Seating designed for “Toddlers”, the Mini can accommodate as little as a 5” seat depth. For accurate foot positioning, footrest heights can start at 3" from the top of the seat frame and adjust in ½" increments to 10" with a 4" extension. The new flip back armrest is only 8.5" long to support little arms and we now have smaller foot plates for supporting little feet. 

For Mom & Dads

Frame Type: Folding and Rigid.
Seat Frame Type:

  • Standard Frame with 75° or 85° fixed front hangers.
  • 15°Abduction Frame with 75° or 85° fixed front hangers
  • Seat Frame Only for seating system mounted footrest system

Seat Frame Width: 10" - 11" - 12"
Note: Seat Frame adjusts from 10" to 12"

Seat Frame Depth: 8” – 9” – 10” – 11” – 12” – 13” – 14”
Note: Back posts adjust from 8” to 12” and to 13” and 14” with 2’ seat frame extension.

Freedom Seating Depth: 6” through 12”
Note: Freedom Customized Seating typically allows 2” for seating and seating attachment hardware thickness.

Seat to Floor Height: 15” to 19” with various rear wheel and front caster combinations.

Transport Package: Includes 4 transportation securement points attached to the Mini frame. Package must be specific “on chair” at time of order. Not available as parts.

Tilt Range: 45°

Rider Capacity: 75 lbs.

Frame Colors: 25

Frame Weight: 22 lbs. with footrest hangers and anti-tippers and with rear wheels removed.

New Options:

  • 15° Mini Abduction Frame
  • 15° Mini Abduction Footplates
  • 75° Mini Fixed Footrest Hanger
  • 85° Mini Fixed Footrest Hanger
  • Height Adjustable Push Handles
  • Mini Angle Adjustable Foot Plates
  • Mini Angle Adjustable Flip-Up Foot Board
  • Mini Flip-Up Footrest Attachment Hardware
  • Mini 8.5" Flip Back Armrest
  • 16" Rear Spoke Wheels Silver and Black Packages Standard and Drum Brake
  • 18" Rear Spoke Wheels Silver and Black Packages Standard and Drum Brake
  • Foot Activated Swing Away Anti-Tipper
  • Grow-able Aluminum Solid Seat Pans
  • Freedom Back Pack
  • Freedom Canopy

Consult the order form for all NXT Mini options and accessories.

Operator's Manual

Not Sure Where To Start?

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