Seating & Positioning

Freedom Designs has been in the business of designing and manufacturing adaptive seating and positioning systems for over 40 years. From these years of experience, we truly understand that proper positioning is crucial to the wheelchair-bound client. Freedom Designs offers a wide variety of seating systems to help accomplish optimal positioning. Since no two clients’ bodies are ever the same, different components are appropriate for different individuals - therefore Freedom Designs manufactures completely custom seating. 

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Freedom Designs Seating Systems

We offer a vast array of color options, materials, foams, and embroidery patterns to accommodate a wide range of client needs.

Headrests & Hardware

Lateral Pelvic Supports (Hip Guides)

Lateral Thoracic Supports (Trunk Support)

Medial Thigh Supports

Solid Backs & Modifications

Solid Seats & Modifications

Straps & Hip Belts

Trays & Modifications

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