Lateral Pelvic Supports (Hip Guides)

Lateral Pelvic Supports Features:

Fixed and removable hardware

Custom and/or additional foam options - (reference price list)

Custom hardware sizes available at no upcharge

All lateral pelvic pad hardware mounts to solid seat

Pad Sizing

Please provide the following
information when ordering:

Length x Height x Thickness.


Part Number

Standard Lateral Pad

Mod-4B (use this number when ordering pads only)

For pads of 14” in length or more, we recommend
an additional set of mounting brackets

Pads ordered with hardware come with t-nuts

Thin profile pads are available upon request at no additional charge

These pads are made with 1/4” ABS base and 1/4” neoprene foam

Standard pelvic/thigh support pads are constructed of 1/2” marine
grade plywood with 1” of 4# foam and your choice of fabric


Custom Contour Lateral Pad


Use this pad when ordering an anti-thrust or wedge seat
and you need the pads to match the contour of the seat.


Hardware Number

Lateral Pelvic Supports Solid Seat Mount (Pair)

EE4A 450A "L"
EE4B 442 1" o/s, 443 2" o/s, 442B 1" reverse o/s

Specify all pad dimensions and desired offset

1” offset is standard

Mounts to the bottom of the seat and features slotted
L-brackets which allow for width adjustment

All t-nut spacing for the pad is on 1” centers

Extensions available for high-profile cushions


Lateral Pelvic Supports Quick Release Brackets (Pair)

EE4C 456A "L", 456B 1" o/s

Designed to quickly release below the surface of a
standard Freedom Designs seat, allowing for easy transfer

Specify pad dimensions when ordering

Extensions are available for high-profile cushions


Hanger Mounted Knee Adductor (Pair)

EE4D 544

Multi-adjustable bracket and pad

Swing-away functionality when mounted to a swing-away hanger

Fits 1” diameter hanger tubes


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