Freedom P.R.O. CG Wheelchair

Precise Rotational Orientation: Center of Gravity Tilt-in Space Mobility

The Freedom P.R.O. CG lightweight design is:

Easy to push and turn

Easy to tilt and bring upright

Easy to adjust

Easy to use

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  • freedom designs pro cg
  • freedom designs pro cg
  • freedom designs pro cg
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  • freedom designs pro cg
  • freedom designs pro cg

For People of All Ages, P.R.O. CG™ is “Way Ahead of the Curve”

The P.R.O. CG™ is lightweight (34 lbs. in transport mode) and compact (21.75” base frame), making it highly maneuverable in small spaces and during transportation. 

pro cg row of wheelchairs

No Other CG Tilt Offers More Customization

Rotational Orientation

pro cg usability

Precise Rotational Orientation

Tilt arcs telescope from 0° to 50° locking in 2° increments

Tilt arcs telescope minimizing frame length for compact space saving design

Tilt arc locking mechanisms are robust stainless steel design

Tilt arcs glide smoothly on 8 maintenance free, self lubricating bearings

Tilt arcs are designed to be self-cleaning

Height & Width
Dynamic Seating
Seating Dynamics
PRO GC leaf movement

Freedom’s LEAF (Lower Extremity Accommodation Frame)

LEAF accommodates  22° of abduction, adduction or windswept leg positioning challenges.

PROGC maps movement

MAPS (Multi Axis Positioning System)

MAPS accommodates foot/ankle rotation, inversion, eversion, plantar, and dorsiflexion positioning challenges.


Freedom Designs: “Precise Rotational Orientation” Center of Gravity Tilt-in-Space Mobility


See P.R.O. CG™ order form for furtherdetails

Base Frame Widths


Seat Frame Widths

12”– 14” (for 14”wide base)
14”– 16” (for 16”wide base)
16”– 18” (for 18”wide base)
18”– 20” (for 20”wide base)

Seat to Floor Height

13”– 19” (+ 1.5”with drop
seat base)

Seat Frame Depths

12”– 16” (+ 17”– 18”– 19”– 20” with extension)
14”– 18”(+ 19”– 20”– 21”– 22” with extension)
16”– 20”(+ 21”– 22”– 23”– 24” with extension)
18”– 22”(+ 23”– 24”– 25”– 26” with extension)

Transit Tested

RESNAWC-4; 2012, Section 19,
Annex A, B, C & E ISO 7176-19: 2008, Annex A, C & D
Note: Wheelchair was tested with an occupant securement strap part number S5-6329-10 available from Q’Straint directly.
Call 1-800-987-9987.

Back Angle Settings

80° -90° -100° -110° -120°

Tilt-in-Space Range

0° -50°

Manufacturer’s Testing

ISO 7176-1:2014
ISO 7176-3:2012
ISO 7176-5:2008
ISO 7176-15:1996

Center of Gravity Adjustment

6” (3” forward or rearward from center )

Back Recline Range

65° from 97° to172°

Rider Weight Capacity

250lbs. (113kg)

Operator's Manual

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