Unlocking Mobility:

Explore Our Range of Wheelchairs for Every Need!

Recognizing the diversity of individual needs, customization lies at the heart of our mission. Freedom Designs offers a variety of wheelchair options. Start customizing yours today!

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Center of Gravity Tilt-In Space Mobility


Folding Tilt-In Space Mobility

NXT Mini

Mini Tilt-In Space Mobility


Manual Mobility

Make It Your Own

Understanding that each client's body is unique, we specialize in crafting fully customized seating solutions. With an extensive selection of color options, materials, foams, and embroidery patterns, we ensure that our products cater to a wide spectrum of client preferences and requirements. The possibilities are endless!

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Not Sure Where To Start?

Navigating the world of wheelchairs and accessories can be overwhelming, but rest assured that our experienced and knowledgeable customer support team is here to guide you through every step. Let’s talk!