Freedom Designs Upholstery Colors

    AM-10 Black Airmesh

    AM-11 Black Airmesh Laminated

    BA-03 Black Bravo Antimicrobial

    BA-03R Black Bravo Antimicrobial Reversed

    BA-04 Electric Blue Bravo Antimicrobial

    BA-05 Neon Yellow Bravo Antimicrobial

    BA-06 Bright Pink Antimicrobial

    BA-07 Sugar Plum Bravo Antimicrobial

    BA-08 Red Sunset Bravo Antimicrobial

    BA-09 Extreme Green Bravo Antimicrobial

    C-16 Black Cordura

    DL-1 Black Darlex

    F-03 Black Vinyl

    F-09 Royal Blue Vinyl

    F-15 Navy Blue Vinyl

    F-18 Pimento Vinyl

    F-21 Forest Green Vinyl

    F-24 Emerald Green Vinyl

    F-36 Purple Vinyl

    F-42 Soft Gray

    F-62 Black Shelterlite

    F-73 Crocus Vinyl

    F-92 Dark Blue Navy Vinyl

    F-96 Carbon Vinyl

    F-109 Orange Kist Vinyl

    F-111 Sapphire Vinyl

    F-112 Purple Passion Vinyl

    F-113 Space Blue Vinyl

    F-116 Valley Vinyl

    F-117 Orange Sizzle Vinyl

    F-118 Lime Punch Vinyl

    F-119 Rosalee Vinyl

    F-120 Capri Blue Vinyl

    F-121 Chive Vinyl

    F-122 Apricot Vinyl

    F-123 Iris Vinyl

    F-124 Shimmer Vinyl

    F-125 Ocean Blue Vinyl

    F-139 French Blue Vinyl

    F-140 Lilac Vinyl

    F-141 Pink Vinyl

    F-144 Rouge Vinyl

    F-145 Orion Silver Zodiac

    F-146 Deep Space Blue Zodiac

    F-147 Orange Kist Vinyl

    F-148 Sapphire Vinyl

    F-149 Purple Passion Vinyl

    F-150 Space Blue Vinyl

    F-151 Pulsar Violet Zodiac

    F-152 Ion Mercury Zodiac

    F-153 Northern Lights Zodiac

    F-154 Blue Moon Zodiac

    F-155 Vortex Green Zodiac

    F-156 Airglow Turquoise Zodiac

    F-157 Zenith Green Zodiac

    F-158 Golden Galaxy Zodiac

    F-28 Bright Red Vinyl

    F-160 Orange Solar Storm Zodiac

    F-161 Warp Speed White Zodiac

    F-162 Infinity Black Zodiac

    F-163 Blacktop Carbon

    F-164 Speedway Carbon

    F-165 Silver Cup Carbon

    F-166 White Stripe Carbon

    F-167 Indy Blue Carbon

    F-168 Daytona Blue Carbon

    F-169 Purple Flame Carbon

    F-170 Brickyard Carbon

    F-171 Pink Flamingo Carbon

    F-172 Yellow Zone Carbon

    F-173 Black Glide Skin

    K-06 Plum Naugahyde

    K-09 Bright Yellow Naugahyde

    K-10 Bright Green Naugahyde

    K-13 Raspberry Naugahyde

    L-05 Black Lycra

    L-06 Silver Lycra

    L-13 Royal Blue Lycra

    L-14 Bright Red Lycra

    L-15 Turquoise Lycra

    L-18 Bright Purple Lycra

    L-19 Burgundy Lycra

    L-20 Dark Blue Lycra

    L-23 Forest Green Lycra

    N-05 Black Nylon

    Disclaimer: Actual powder coating colors may vary slightly from finished product due to light and computer monitor settings. The effects of heat, light and application process may cause slight color variations on certain finishes. Specifications and color selection availability are subject to change without notice.