NXT Tilt-In-Space Mobility

    The NXT is truly the "Generation Next" in lightweight folding tilt-in-space mobility. You might even say it is the first "hybrid" by design. Now, for the first time, no one has to choose durability over portability. The NXT incorporates the best design features of both folding, and non folding tilt-in-space mobility. It is lightweight, compact and portable yet strong, durable and dependable. The NXT is quick and easy to adjust to continue to meet needs as they change over time. Freedom's NXT is truly the "Generation Next" in tilt-in-space design.

    Product Overview

    Sizes to meet all your needs...
    The NXT is available in three pediatric and three Adult sizes. At 23 lbs, the NXT is the lightest, easiest to use, and most durable tilt-in-space available. You'll be happy you roll with FREEDOM.

    Creative thinking beyond tilt-in-space...
    A hybrid "by design" the NXT is strong and durable-yet lightweight, compact, and easy to use.

    Growth and adjustment is all in the numbers...
    3 fasteners adjust seat frame width 2" in every size.
    2 fasteners adjust seat depth another 4" in each size.
    2 fasteners adjust back angle from 80° to 120°.

    We've put our best foot forward for when you are on the go...
    Foot-activated tilt with flip-up pedal.
    Foot-activated wheel lock.
    Foot curb-assist leverage bar/anti-tipper.

    Transforms, transfers, and transports...
    With the NXT the "ins and outs" of travel have never been easier.

    Transforms as easy as 1, 2, 3...
    1. Removable wheels and footrests.
    2. Flip back armrests, fold down back.
    3. Pull up on cross brace strap to fold and stow for transport.

    Transfers as easy as A, B, C...
    A. Travels light, weighing just 23 pounds.
    B. Folds into small package.
    3. Fits into small spaces.

    Transports safely...
    The NXT and Freedom Seating are approved for bus transit.
    Tie-downs for bus transit are on the strongest part of frame.
    Transit tie-downs are highly visible and easily accessible.

    Innovative "firsts" to keep kids safe
    The NXT is the first tilt-in-space wheelchair to have an attendant:
    • Drum braking system to help control speed, direction, and lock the wheels.
    • Hand control that both brakes and locks the wheels and tilts the frame.
    • Anti-tip with built in curb assist

    Continued innovations:

    As part of the ongoing development of features and options that make Freedom Designs a leader in complex mobility and seating and positioning solutions, The NXT is available with the following two features:

    LEAF (lower extremity accommodation frame). LEAF is a patent pending, optional seat frame designed to seat individuals with challenging leg positioning requirements like abduction, adduction and windswept legs. Where in the past, to accommodate difficulties like these, therapists and providers may have had to choose a frame that was greatly oversized. With LEAF, the size of the frame doesn’t have to change. An NXT with LEAF fits at the hips and fits at the knees and fits through doorways and in the trunk.

    MAPS (multi-axis positioning system) footrest. MAPS is an optional footrest system designed for fixed foot and ankle positioning needs. Simply put, it is a multi-axial hardware package that connects Freedom aluminum footrest plates to footrest hangers. When loosened, the hardware can pivot freely to accommodate any combination of plantar flexion, dorsiflexion, inversion or eversion. When the desired positioning is reached, the hardware is fastened and securely stays in place for consistent, dependable placement. In combination with LEAF, it is a total lower extremity positioning system.

    LEAF: Lower Extremity Accommodation Frame

    Unique design...
    Easily adjustable
    for multiple lower extremity positioning challenges
    no compromise in frame width, fit or function
    combines with MAPS for top to bottom positioning solutions

    Creative thinking beyond tilt-in-space...
    Freedom’s LEAF (Lower Extremity Accommodation Frame) is a creative solution to complex seating applications.

    Unique to Freedom Designs, LEAF is designed so that the front frame angle can adjust to accommodate abduction, adduction and windswept leg positioning.

    LEAF is available with 75° or 90° pop-up or swing away footrest hangers and is ideal in combination with our MAPS (Multi-Access Positioning System) footrest.

    MAPS: Multi-Axis Positioning System

    Innovative solution...
    fully adjustable
    for multiple foot/ankle positioning challenges
    less need for additional positioning accessories
    combines with LEAF for top bottom positioning solutions

    Innovative solutions beyond tilt-in-space...
    Freedom’s MAPS (Multi-Axis Positioning System) footrest is design innovation for foot and ankle positioning needs.

    MAPS adjustment feature allows for combinations of dorsiflexion or plantar flexion and inversion or eversion positions, as well as rotation

    Available in 75° or 90° popup or swing away footrest hangers MAPS is ideal for use in combination with our LEAF (lower extremity accommodation frame).

    NEW Freedom Select positioning accessories...

    Anterior trunk supports, chest straps and pelvic positioning belts are available in virtually any style you prefer.

    NXT Freedom Future Fit...

    When growth is needed and the frame won't fit, it's Freedom to the rescue! Freedom’s “Future Fit" program is a one time, no cost program to provide parts needed to make the frame wider. Freedom's NXT is a good fit today, tomorrow and forever!
    *Freedom "Future Fit" program not included on SE version.

    Technical Specifications

    Seat Frame Widths

    • The NXT is available in 11 sizes from 10" wide to 20" wide.
    • Sizes from 10" wide to 16" wide adjust an additional 2" in width.
    • The 17" wide size adjusts an additional 1" in width to 18" wide.
    • The 18", 19", and 20" wide sizes are not width adjustable.

    Seat Frame Depths

    • The NXT is available in 3 sizes: a short, medium or long.
    • Each size adjusts an additional 4" in depth.
    • Seating frame depth is measured without seating, from the front of the back post to the front end of the seat frame.
    • The small range is 12" to 18".
    • The medium range is 14" to 22".
    • The large range is 16" to 26".
    • 2” or 4” seat rail extensions may be needed to reach some frame depth settings, see order form for details.

    Seat Depth Extensions

    • For additional seat frame depths, extensions can be added to the back of the seat frame There is a 2", a 3" or a 4" extension to choose from.

    Seat to Floor Height

    • The NXT is available in two tilt pivot heights, Low (short & Medium frames) and Tall (medium and long frames).
    • The NXT can be configured in a variety of seat to floor heights.
    • Selections in front casters and rear wheel sizes determine a range of choices from 12.5" low to 18.5" high, and most everything in between.

    Tilt Range

    • 45°

    Rider Capacity

    • 225 lbs